Things you Should Know if we’re BFFs

Hi friends! I always like getting to know the people behind the blogs I read, so today I thought I’d share some random things about me.

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Five on Friday

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Today I’m posting to the Five on Friday blog link up.  If you haven’t seen other bloggers post about it, it’s where you share 5 things from the week (5 things you’re loving, 5 things you did that week or anything you want). I’m just trying it out this week, but I thought it would be something different. Let me know what you think!


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An Organized Entryway Drop Zone

Hello and happy Thursday! Today I’m sharing our entry drop zone. A couple months ago, after searching for his wallet and keys for several minutes (an almost daily occurrence), My Man asked me if we could have a designated place for such items. And my heart grew three times it’s size! He was asking me to organize something for him. It was a miracle.

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Easy DIY Jewelry Board

Hello blog friends! Today I’m sharing a little project my friend and I whipped up to organize our jewelry. My current necklace holder is a giant key from Anthropologie. I LOVE it, but my necklace collection has more than outgrown it. So I made a fabric-covered cork board that would hold several necklaces and look great displayed in our bathroom.

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{2014} Goals of an Intentional Year

Hello there and Happy New Year! Hope you all had fun ringing in the new year! Today I’m sharing some of my personal goals for 2014.

I was reading over on Gallamore West and Lyss & Loveliness about both of their goals to live a more intentional life this year and I wholeheartedly agree with this idea. I’m guilty of being busy with the day-to-day tasks – getting groceries, fixing dinner, cleaning the house – and not making plans to do the things we love and with the people who are important to us. I want to make a point to visit friends and family more often, explore new places, see new scenery, learn new things.


Additionally, here are some of the specific goals I’ve put together for myself.

1. Get back into Yoga – I used to go to Yoga class once a week every week for 2 years and I loved it. I miss it and hope I can get myself to go again regularly!


2. Learn some new Photography Skills – I’m so excited for my new DSLR camera that Santa brought me! I’m hoping to learn how to use the manual modes and take better pictures. Hopefully my blog pictures will get better too. 🙂


3. Continue growing my Etsy shop – I’m really happy with how the shop did over the holidays. Now I want to work on another wedding suite and other bridal and baby items to add.


4. Keep up with the Blog – Lately I’ve been ahead on my blog posts and I’d like to keep it that way! I’ve loved being able to post more than once a week and actually do some projects to post about. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue at the same rate if I get a full time job, but I’d like to aim for it. I’d also like to move my blog to a different host.


5. Unplug for awhile – This goes along with the idea of living intentionally. My Man and I spend way too much time on our phones. Instead, I’d like to take some time off our phones and internet.


6. Date my Husband – Sometimes we get so busy that date night becomes just running out to grab dinner. I don’t want to forget to plan fun activities for us and to spend quality time together.


7. Travel – We’re thinking about an early summer trip to Europe as well as a trip to Seattle for our 1st anniversary this year. Those are two very big trips, but we want to get them in before we start a family. I’d also like to spend a few weekends visiting friends in Nashville, Denver and Chicago!


8. Be Healthier & Eat Clean


What are some of your goals this year??