Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends! I’m linking up again with ChristinaDarciApril and Natasha.



I am in love with this Etsy shop full of beautiful chalkboard prints and cards, especially this cute anchor print!


This little blog got a great big makeover this week! I’m still tweaking, so please forgive me if you see lots of changes going on still. I wanted to make it reflect my style more and make it a bit more fun (but it might be a too crazy now). I might change over my theme/template as well. Any WordPress bloggers recommend any good ones? Please let me know what you think of the new look too! I might completely change my mind and start over. Gah! I just can’t seem to get it right. My header size is just so limiting!


I actually changed my theme late last night after I worked on this post, so it looks completely different now. Because I’m a genius who decided to do this at 10:30 last night, I was scrambling to get it looking the way I want and it’s still not 100% there. I don’t know what I’m doing and it was a very late night.


My in laws picked up our wedding album and prints for us and brought them up to us last weekend! I’m excited to get the prints hung up (hopefully this weekend if I can convince My Man to help)!

photo (13)


How cute are these Valentines cards? They are the perfect sayings – the first for my Mister (we do spend a lot of time doing just what that card says) and the second for my single girlfriends.


Hooray for the weekend! I’m so glad this ridiculously arctic January is over and I hope February will bring a lot fewer snow storms, although more snow is supposedly on it’s way. 😦 boo. My Man has been out of town all week for work and he comes home today! He’s in busy season from January through April (he’s a CPA) which means he works late nights and all day Saturday. To keep myself busy, I am finally breaking down and getting a manicure Saturday. It has been forever since I’ve gotten one, seriously, since November I think.

Thanks for reading my completely random 5 on Friday post! Have a fabulous weekend!

9 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. I love sending v-day cards to my nieces and nephew and those are too cute!! Not sure if you have a paper source or papyrus near you – but going in there is like paper heaven!! Love the new look and cant wait to see how all the wedding photos look hung up! Happy Friday!

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