15 DIY Burlap Craft Ideas

Hello blog friends! As I mentioned last week I have a ton of burlap left over from my friend’s bridal shower and I need to use it up! I’ve been thinking of having a crafting party in which I supply the burlap just to get rid of it! In the meantime, I’ve been looking for burlap craft project ideas and decided to round up my favorite ideas here.

15 DIY Burlap Ideas at Perpetually Daydreaming


Simple printed placemats. These would look great with a rustic/natural fall tablescape.

Similarly, you could DIY a Fall table runner with burlap too.

Cute ruffle-y garland. Love this idea! Could work for Christmas, Thanksgiving or anytime of the year really.

This is a no-sew tree skirt and it actually looks pretty simple to make.

I’m a sucker for bunting banners and this one is so easy!

Love me some bows and monograms and they make for some cute bulletin boards. You could also use it for a jewelry board.

Rustic ornaments.

DIY burlap pumpkin – this is a great idea for covering those ugly (but inexpensive) dollar store pumpkins.

This hand-stamped burlap vase is simple, but beautiful and can be used year round.

These monogram burlap signs would be a good wedding or anniversary gift.

This is an easy project, but so pretty! Use burlap to tie a bow around some evergreen and add silver bells.

These last few burlap project ideas are different types of burlap wreaths. First, a burlap bow wreath – You make a kind of bow and then attach to a wire form with pipe cleaners.

A burlap rosette wreath. This one would take awhile, but you could use only a few rosettes on a gapevine wreath instead to make it quicker.

Burlap scrap wreath – tie on strips of scrap burlap. This is probably the simplest one I’ve seen, but a little bit messier look.

Another burlap scrap wreath. This one is made of folded squares pinned into a styrofoam wreath form.

That’s the end of the roundup! Hope you enjoyed the inspiration. Do you have any great burlap project ideas?

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