Storage + Organization Part 2: The Office/Craft Room

As I mentioned in Storage + Organization: Part 1, we are in need of some storage solutions in our house. This week I’ve been working on the Office/Craftin’ Room.

For reference, I share this space with My Man and we each have this desk in our office.

The left side is My Man's Desk (complete with his bobble head collection) and the right side is mine.

The left side is My Man’s Desk (complete with his bobble head collection) and the right side is mine.

I also have a 2×4 Expedit unit from Ikea and little lack tables that hold our printers. And those fill up the entire room. It’s not that big, but it works. Here are some more views of my space.

Another view of my side. I get the windows.

Another view of my side. I get the windows.

Sorry for the crappy picture. It’s hard to get a shot of the windows.

A close up of the Expedit

A close up of the Expedit

So, where to begin with the madhouse that is the office? For the past several months it’s been our dumping ground and the doors have been shut. Oh, you don’t believe me since the pictures above look kind of clean? Well here are my overflowing piles of stuff. Don’t judge.

How embarrassing.

How embarrassing.

It’s a disaster! (You have a room like that in your house too, right?? Please say I’m not the only one.) A couple weekends ago My Man decided to clean out his desk/side of the office and he asked me to do the same. I had no clue where to start – it was so overwhelmingly messy.

So the first thing I did was buy more storage, which was dumb since I didn’t even know what needed organized. So I took a step back and assessed the storage issues I was dealing with and researched better ways to store and organize my supplies. After cleaning up the room and assessing the storage issues here are my problem areas and solutions:

1. Ribbon Storage: I currently store my ribbon by the spools in 2 photo storage boxes. Not only do they take up a lot of room, but I have to check in two different boxes to find what I’m looking for. Plus, I’m out of space in them, so I’d need to add more boxes soon. So I scoured Pinterest (of course) and found this post which shows several different ideas and was very helpful. Then I saw the idea pictured below.

The organizing gods had spoken. It was definitely an “ah-ha” moment for me. By taking the ribbon off the spools, you save tons of space! Sounds so simple, but I’d never thought of it. I’m not sure that I’ll use this exact container as I don’t think I have that much ribbon, but it’s a good starting off point.

2. Craft Punches: Currently my punches are haphazardly thrown in a small basket. I went looking for a particular punch yesterday and dug them all out of the basket only to realize I didn’t actually own the punch I was looking for. Ugh. I definitely need a solution where they can all lay flat so I can easily get them in and out and see what I have. I’m thinking some type of large, but slim boxes (like the ones stacked in the top cubes of the expedit below) or a slim dresser drawer. I found a small dresser that will fit beside my desk and provide more storage than the lack table that is there now. Hopefully one of these options will work.

Expedit Styling

3. Magazines: I have magazines all over the place. Some in magazine file boxes, some in large baskets, some in my gym bag. Everywhere. My plan is to buy some more magazine file boxes, because they fit nicely in the Expedit. Then I also need to organize the magazines a little better. On top of that, I’m not sure these even belong in the office. I might move them to the living room or bedroom if possible.

4 & 5. Paints and Decorative Items: I don’t have a spot to put my bin of acrylic paints or a space to store fragile decorative items that aren’t being used (candle holders, vases, etc). These items will find a new home in a bookshelf from Ikea. I was excited to find an affordable option with doors there!


The one thing I hate about most of the craft room storage ideas, is that it’s all on display and looks very cluttered. But with doors, you can conceal the clutter. Not that I’m just going to pile everything in and it’s going to be a mess, but everything won’t be on display. Ikea has both solid wood doors and glass doors that you can add on to the bookcase as well as drawers, so you can customize it to suit your needs.

So with my plan in order, this weekend I tackled Ikea to get some new storage solutions.


Now I’m in the process of putting together furniture and getting everything reorganized. I hope to share my organized office with you once I get it all up and running! What are some of your office/craft room organizing solutions?


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2 thoughts on “Storage + Organization Part 2: The Office/Craft Room

  1. Organizing the craft room is always a challenge especially with odd shaped items like the punches and ribbon you mentioned! It looks like you have some great ideas here, good luck on your organizing mission!

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