Storage + Organization Part 1: The Entry

Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Dreamin’…

My Man and I have been doing a lot of that since we’ve been looking online at houses lately. We don’t plan on moving for another couple of years, but it’s been a mix of fun and torture to find a house and know that you have to wait!

So, it got me thinking about why I’m dying for a new house. There’s nothing really wrong with our house (other than I’d love to have a backyard). It’s plenty of living space for both of us, and it was brand new when My Man moved in. But the issue is that we are quickly outgrowing it – not the living space, but the storage space! Our closets are teeny tiny. I seriously had closets twice the size of these when I was living in an apartment by myself. We have purged unneeded items, but we’ve still accumulated ‘stuff.’ Lots of stuff. And it’s becoming hard to control the clutter since we don’t have a spot for everything.

So my solution is to find some affordable furniture for extra storage in certain areas. I mentioned it to My Man a week ago, but he didn’t jump on board until he saw the explosion of ‘stuff’ in the office. Then I got the go ahead on a few key pieces! Woot! I immediately dropped what I was doing and got online to shop for my new furniture. 🙂

Our first order of business was to find a small dresser that would work for our entry table (like I mentioned in our 2013 home goals post). It has been a chore to find something that will fit in this narrow space. Here is what the space currently looks like.


Our sad little entry.

As you can see there isn’t much of an entry area and it’s pretty bare.


See how narrow it is?

I’ve tried to spruce the area up a little bit with a picture and some flowers, but it’s just not working. It doesn’t help that there’s a light switch smack dab in the middle of the wall either.

I’ve been looking for a small dresser or cabinet that also has storage instead of just a table. Craigslist has failed me, but Ikea came to the rescue. The Tarva 3 drawer dresser is the perfect size for our little entryway and it has lots of storage and for $80, it’s the most affordable option too.

Ikea Tarva

Ikea Tarva

No, it doesn’t look like much now and will require me to do some painting, but I’m hoping it’ll clean up nicely. Here are some inspirational pictures I found of the same piece of furniture (they show the 6 drawer instead of 3).

Centsational Girl framed out the drawers, painted and added some blue burlap, which looks great. I’m not this ambitious, but I do love the look and the cute drawer pulls.

Mornings on Main painted it white and added some fun yellow pulls. This is more of my speed. Now I just need to drive 2 hrs to Ikea to pick it up, find some cute drawer pulls and decide if I should paint it white or black. Thoughts?

Next up, we need to figure out some storage solutions in the office/craft room. Stay tuned!


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