The Elegant Country Bridal Shower

Hello and welcome to my recap of the Elegant Country Bridal Shower! I feel a little sheepish posting this recap several months after the fact. Sorry! Better late than never right? Well here it goes! My best friend’s bridal shower was super cute and I hope she thought so too! The bride-to-be helped us pick out a fun theme: elegant country. We used lots of ideas from Pinterest and lots of burlap and here’s how it turned out.


Here’s our cupcake table. In the frame is the couple’s engagement story – the setting was a romantic campfire complete with s’mores!


To go along with the s’mores story, the bride’s sister (the MOH) made these yummy s’more cupcakes and we put in the cupcake toppers I made for them.


I spruced up a little mason jar to hold the cute pink-and-white-striped drinking straws.


I saw this sign idea on Pinterest and thought it was a cute addition. A doily scallop punch for the bottom helped tie it into our theme.


The tables – complete with the burlap table runners I made. The MOH made the mason jars with burlap and lace embellishments. Aren’t they pretty?

vase copy

Here’s a close up of the lace mason jars.


Another view of the tables.

We realized after the fact that we didn’t get any good pics of the bride and her bridesmaids! Fail.

We also played some fun games that the MOH put together. We played the Newlywed game and guessed how many questions the bride and groom got right. We also wrote date ideas on popsicle sticks for a date jar. And bridal shower bingo was a good way to keep people occupied and interested while the bride opened presents.

Our Bingo Cards looked something like this. Source

Our Bingo Cards looked something like this. Source

If you’ve never played, it’s basically a bingo card that has pictures or words of things that were on the bride’s registry, like cookware or a utensil. So when the bride opens a piece of cookware, you get to put your marker on that spot. Then once you get bingo, you yell “Bride.” It’s cute.

We had a lot of fun celebrating the bride-to-be! Operation elegant country bridal shower = success.


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3 thoughts on “The Elegant Country Bridal Shower

  1. I love that countdown sign too! Do you have a printable for it that you wouldn’t mind sharing? I’d love to use it for Audrey’s shower. Everything turned out so great, and tied in so well with your theme. I’m impressed!

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