IW: 15 Ideas for Organizing Accessories

Hello and happy Inspiration Wednesday! As promised, I’ve got some organization inspiration for you this week. I  have been an organizing machine for the past couple weeks. It’s definitely that time of year to get organized for me! I’ll be sharing a few little organizing ideas/projects that I’ve got going on in the next couple of weeks. For now – here’s some ideas for organizing your accessories – jewelry, scarves and handbags.





Finally an easy idea for organizing scarves – with a drapery tie back. It’s deep enough to hold several scarves and doesn’t require looping them through anything. This would be a good solution during the winter.

This method looks much nicer, but you do need to loop them through the rings.

A similar solution is to use an accessory hook – much cheaper and also a moveable option versus installing drapery tie backs.

I love that you can see all the scarves with this method – curtain rod and shower hooks.

A sturdy wooden hanger is a simpler option as well.


I’m loving this idea – curtain rod and shower hooks (again!) to hold multiple necklaces.

All kinds of pretty jewelry organization from Jen at I heart Organizing. Jen used a decorative radiator grate to hold earrings, a fabric-covered cork board holds necklaces and a little ceramic egg tray holds odds and ends on her counter.

What a clever idea – drill holes into a wooden hanger.

Covering cork in fabric is not a new idea, but I love the way they’ve finished it with a nail head type of trim.

A shadow box gives you an extra ledge to sit things on and if your necklaces fall of their hooks they don’t have far to fall.

A great use of wine corks if you’re a collector. Put hooks in the corks to hold jewelry.


This is a clever way to organize and display clutches – using a file folder organizer.

Use pretty knobs (Anthropologie anyone?) to hang your handbags.

This is a clever way to hold larger bags without taking up a lot of room. Plus, you can easily see them and remember what you’ve got.

More clutch organization using inbox file bins using more vertical space.

What are your favorite accessory-organizing solutions?

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