2013 Home Goals

It’s that time of year for New Year’s resolutions and reorganizing! So today I’m sharing my list of home and organization goals for this year. I’ve already started on a few organizing projects and hope to get those knocked out this winter. The home projects will be a slower process, but if you write it down, you’re more likely to accomplish it, right? Here they are…

Home Goals: 

1. Redecorate the Master Bedroom

We recently had our walls in our bedroom painted so they are all a light blue/grey color. (woot! Thank you future in-laws!) Now I’m excited to redecorate and create a relaxing and comfortable space in the bedroom. I’d like to find new bedding to go with the new color scheme, put up some curtains, and finally add some decorations and pictures to the walls.

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

2. Put in a Backsplash in the Kitchen

We currently don’t have any sort of backsplash in the kitchen, but I’m really intimidated by this project because I don’t want to screw it up! Hopefully I will get over that soon and dive in. I love the light look of the tiles below.

3. Update Main Entry
Our main entry is pretty small and sparse. So, I’d love to find a small entry table with room for storage and add some decorations to this space.

4. Spruce up the Living Room

I think a couple new pillow covers are in order to brighten up the couch area. I’d love to get a new media cabinet and bookshelves, but that is not in the budget this year.


From Pinterest

5. Mount Bedroom TV

I’d love to regain the space on top of our dresser by mounting the TV! Not sure if this will actually happen this year, but we’ll see.

Organizing Goals: 

1. Re-organize Corner Cabinets in Kitchen

I hate corner cabinets. I can never get to anything I put in here and then I forget what’s there. I cleaned it out this weekend and found multiples of several items because I didn’t know I already had it. I’m hoping I can find some lazy susans that are the right size and fix all my problems 🙂

2. Organize Storage Closet

Our storage closet is currently overflowing with stacked up storage bins, duffle bags haphazardly thrown in, and other miscellaneous items. I really want to put in shelves all the way down the back wall for large bins and install coat hooks on the door.


caption Source

3. Install Towel Racks in the Master Bath

Our towel rack is in the most inconvenient spot and there’s only one, so My Man and I always get our towels mixed up. Plus, towels hanging over the shower curtain rod don’t look very nice. I’m thinking about putting some on the door like in the picture below.

4. Re-organize Bathroom Cabinets, Medicine Box and Linen Closet

I organized these when I moved in 9 months ago, but it quickly became a mess. I like the idea below of organizing the medicine box by type so we can find it quicker.

5. Find a Solution for Organizing Necklaces and Scarves

I love my current necklace storage, but my necklace collection has outgrown it. I need something with more hooks! I think the idea below will work well and can easily be added to. My scarves are a never ending problem – any ideas for something easy to get out and put away, but won’t have them crumpled in a bin getting wrinkled?

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for this year?

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