Inspiration Wednesday: Purple Wedding Ideas

Happy Wednesday! This week’s IW is wedding inspired. I haven’t done much for the wedding lately, but I have gone back and forth on what our wedding colors will be (driving My Man crazy). The current favorite is purple. So for this week’s Inspiration Wednesday, I’m sharing some of our purple wedding ideas.

I love the dark purple dresses and hopefully my bridesmaids will too ๐Ÿ™‚ The tough part about purple is that there are so many different shades that it gets hard to match them. You could do a variety of shades of purple (which one of my friends is doing for her wedding), but I’m picky about my favorite color. So,ย I’m thinking the white flowers will work well – that way it won’t introduce a new purple shade into the mix or clash with the dresses. ย Plus, I love how the white bouquets really pop against the purple dresses. ย For the reception, I like mixing some dark purple in for the centerpieces. We’ll have to see what type of flowers are in season in September – any great ideas? For the groomsmen, My Man likes a grey tux or suit for something a little different than the standard black. I think it looks nice with the dark purple tie. Plus, grey will be a nice, modern secondary color that we can use – maybe for table linens or in some of our printed pieces. So what do you think? Any ideas on how to dress up a concrete patio for our ceremony location?

10 thoughts on “Inspiration Wednesday: Purple Wedding Ideas

  1. I would just ask the florist about which flowers are in season in September. Sometimes they can still get certain flowers even if they’re not in season. Both me and my sister got lucky with that. I like the grey suit idea, and those dresses are beautiful too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The dark purple is such a great color!! I just got married a few weeks ago and our color was eggplant purple and ivory. We did the eggplant dresses and white flowers, it looked great together. For the centerpieces, an idea you could go with, that we did, was use dark purple orchids in a trio of glass cylinder vases, and have them in water. The dark purple orchids were a good choice to incorporate the purple without using calla lilies which can get a little more pricey. Another choice you could go with is ranunculus or dahlias, those are in season as well. Happy planning!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I lv the dark purple. When my day cms I hv decided to use black for table runners to show the accent colors up. Wine for the maids of honor dresses, crimson&black for bridesmaids and purple accents it’s a fall wedding based on the titanic theme all my colors came from the titanic dress & my bouquets.

  4. My daughter is using the dark purple, silver, and white for her wedding. It is so stunning and beautiful! I highly recommend the dark purple!

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