Thoughtful Valentines Gift Ideas for Your Man

I’m currently curled up in my bed, cowering from the snow storm outside. We’re supposed to get 6-10 inches tonight. Blech. Oh February, you are the worst – with no end to winter in sight. At least you’ve got Valentine’s Day going for you. So, I’m thinking happy thoughts of pretty, bright pink and red things and wondering what I should do for My Man this year to celebrate.

I’ve done the traditional gifts – cologne, watch, boxers, love coupons and more and am running low on ideas. But for this Valentine’s Day I’d like to get something that is a little more thoughtful and a little less materialistic/commercial. Here are a few of my ideas. I’d love to hear yours!

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Skinny Turkey Lasagna Rolls

Hello there! Today I’m sharing a new recipe that has been very popular at my house lately! I love it because it’s pretty simple to make and it’s so good, but I don’t feel too guilty eating it since it’s not loaded with pasta like classic lasagna. We lighten it up with the roll method (one serving has just one lasagna noodle), use ground turkey in our sauce and sneak in some spinach and zucchini.

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Bridal Makeup: Products & Reviews

I love makeup. I love the way I feel about myself when I’m wearing it. I love experimenting with new kinds of makeup. I love playing makeup artist and dolling up all my friends and myself for special occasions.

So, when it came time to figure out how I wanted to look on my wedding day, all I knew was that it had to look even more extra special than what I’ve done for other special occasions. Plus, it had to last all day (something my usual makeup routine failed at).

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Wrangling the Ribbon Collection

Hi there! It seems like I’ve been trying to organize my ribbon collection As I mentioned back in this post, I was storing my ribbon in little photo boxes. My average size ribbon collection had already filled two boxes and it was a pain to figure out what was where. So I toyed with some other storage ideas, but I was coming up short. Then, for my bridal shower, we got these decorative luggage boxes from Michaels.

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Five on Friday

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Today I’m posting to the Five on Friday blog link up.  If you haven’t seen other bloggers post about it, it’s where you share 5 things from the week (5 things you’re loving, 5 things you did that week or anything you want). I’m just trying it out this week, but I thought it would be something different. Let me know what you think!


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An Organized Entryway Drop Zone

Hello and happy Thursday! Today I’m sharing our entry drop zone. A couple months ago, after searching for his wallet and keys for several minutes (an almost daily occurrence), My Man asked me if we could have a designated place for such items. And my heart grew three times it’s size! He was asking me to organize something for him. It was a miracle.

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